Is the Attack On Titan city a real place and where to find it?

Is the Attack On Titan city a real place and where to find it?

Trost district

You may have heard about this intriguing anime show that has giant human-like monsters attacking a protected city. Attack On Titans (or Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese) quickly began one of the most popular anime series in the world. In the story, you follow the adventures of a young man trying to learn more about his past. Most of the action happens within the enormous walls of Paradis Island, and many people have been wondering if the beautiful cities within the walls are inspired by actual locations in our world. Find the answer right now in our complete guide below!

What’s the name of the city in Attack of Titans?

First and foremost, to better understand the scope of the show, you need to know that there are not one but three giant walls in Attack on Titans:

  • Wall Maria
  • Wall Rose
  • Wall Sina

These walls are designed in circular shapes, and between each, there are huge districts, plains, forests, etc. In other words, there is more than just one city in Attack on Titans, and each city has its own unique and distinctive style.

That being said, there is one city in particular that everybody knows and where a lot of the action is happening. So, in Season 1 of Attack on Titans, when you see Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackermann, and Armin Arlelt (our 3 main protagonists) in their hometown, that one is called the Shiganshina District.

Then, spoiler alert, this district gets destroyed by the Titans, and our trio finds refuge within the next giant wall: Wall Rose. This is where you will see most of the following battles happening. The city over there is called Calaneth District (on the eastern side of the wall) and sometimes the action also happens on the southern side of the wall, in the Trost District.

Is there a real city that looks like the one in Attack On Titan?

Yes, you will be happy to know that there is, in fact, a city that looks almost identical to the stylish European walled town found in Attack On Titans. As mentioned above, what you are looking for is something that looks like the districts found within Wall Rose (the Calaneth and Trost Districts).

So without further ado, here are our Top 3 Attack On Titan Most Look-Alike Towns that you can visit in the real world:

Nördlingen, Bavaria, Germany

This town is highly touristic and was certainly one of the main sources of inspiration for the making of the popular Attack On Titan manga and TV series. With a fairly small population of 20 000 people, this town is spectacular with its medieval walls and gothic St-George Church.

Moreover, if you want to get a better view of the whole town and of the brown-orange rooftops, you can do so by visiting the Daniel Tower, which will give you a breathtaking view of the town and its surroundings.

Interesting fact, it is said that 15 million years ago, a meteorite hit the town’s location, leaving a giant crater, leaving in it an approximative 72 000 tons of micro-diamonds. Fast-forward a couple of million years, in 1215, the first wall of Nördlingen was built, as the city was owned by the Holy Roman Empire.

Carcassonne, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

The city of Carcassonne is a UNESCO World Heritage location, as it is extremely well-preserved. You can still visit and see the walls surrounding the French city, and it’s absolutely magical. Many parts of the walls even have these little towers with a cone-shaped rooftop, sometimes orange, sometimes blue. The sight of this incredible town is one of a kind.

On the population side of things, there is about double the amount of people that live there if we compare it to the population of Nördlingen. And if you are wondering what’s the age of the walls in Carcassonne, they were built in the Gallo-Roman era, during the 12th century.

Within the city center, you can clearly see the magnificent Chateau Comtal, a beautiful castle with a museum that you can visit all year long. The city also offers a guided tour of the inner ramparts, so if you have the chance to visit France, this is one city you don’t want to miss!

Burghausen, Oberbayern, Germany

Surrounded by a river and with a hilltop castle in its center, the Burghausen town looks like it comes straight up from a fantasy movie. The city itself is very old, some of its main structures were built in the 1100s and are still standing to this day. Furthermore, the St-Jakob Parish Church is a unique medievalesque church that was restored after being almost completely destroyed during the Second World War.

The castle of the city simply named the Burghausen Castle, is claimed to be the longest castle complex in the world with a length of 1051 meters! The latter is so long that it even got its own confirmed Guinness World Record for the longest castle in the world.

Finally, the size of this town is quite small and has about 20 000 people living within its walls. If you are in Austria or in Upper Bavaria (Germany), Burghausen is absolutely worth it!

How many towns there are in Attack On Titan?

There are a total of 13 towns in Attack On Titan. There are 4 towns within each of the three walls, and the Capital in the middle, for a total of 13. If you are wondering how big is the area confined within the walls in Attack On Titan, it’s about the size of Texas, which is 695 662 km². If you want to visit cities like Attack on Titan, plan your trip and search for lodging using accommodation comparison site


So there you have a few real-world locations you can visit to quench your thirst for seeing these dreamy walled towns you saw so many times in Attack On Titan! It is quite amazing that such old walls that once protected these towns from invaders and whatnot are still standing in 2021, so it is a privilege to be able to visit them in our current times.

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