Airsoft: A Popular Game in America

Airsoft: A Popular Game in America

Airsoft military game

If you have never heard about airsoft, you may think that this is not a very popular game. However, you would be wrong in thinking so, as it is played all over the world, with some of the hottest locations being found in Europe, Asia and Africa. However, America is still a leader in the number of players. Here is what you need to know about airsoft in the USA.

Number of Players on American Soil

If you look at the last official statistics about airsoft, in 2017, you will learn that there were 3.4 million people that regularly headed to an airsoft field, in order to spend the day playing games with friends. Some of these players even do so competitively. In reality, the number has grown a lot since then, but we don’t have an actual number. What we do know, is that the airsoft industry in America alone, is worth over 600 million dollars per year. It means that a lot of AK-47 airsoft assault riffles are being sold and used on these playgrounds, all over the United States of America.

If you go beyond the border of the US, you will find that the numbers are exploding. In the whole world, there are items related to the industry being sold, for a total value that reaches 1.6 billion dollars. Specialists agree to say that it will only take a couple of years to surpass the 2 billion dollars value, worldwide. And so, even though the total number of players internationally is unknown, we can easily imagine it to be at around 15 million, by expanding the US statistics, and attaching it to the international ones that we do know.

What is the Cost of playing Airsoft?

If you want to start playing airsoft regularly, the first thing you will have to do is to equip yourself. To do so, you will need to buy body protection accessories, which features primarily a face mask, to protect the eyes. Then you will need to acquire a gun and ammunitions. The first one can cost you just about any amount of money, up to a thousand dollars. Also, you will need a jacket where you can place all that you will be using during the day, inside various pockets. If you want to spend as little money as possible on your purchases, you will spend a minimum of $200. However, it is suggested to go at least a little above that amount, if you really want to enjoy the game. Otherwise, you will probably be the first man out, most of the time.

The cost of a day at the airsoft field can also vary greatly. Some of them offer a great variety of terrains, on many hectares of ground, while others are rather small, focussing more on hiding places and the intensity of the fights. Therefore, be ready to spend between $20 and $50 for a day, according to the location that you will choose. However, these companies also offer a monthly and yearly cost, which will certainly more beneficial for you, if you desire to play frequently.

Popular in the Military

One of the reasons why the number of players is so high in America, is that airsoft is a popular activity for those who are part of the military. Since their number is also high in the US, it certainly helps the industry to develop itself. It is the best practice that these people can get, outside of the base, wherever they are located. It enables them to practice their skill, in a more friendly environment.

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