Birds at the Inn at San Ignacio

Let your birding start just outside your door when you stay at the Inn at San Ignacio. The Inn is located on a rise above two desert washes, and the natural landscaping that fronts on these washes attracts many of the local desert species.

This is a look at the "patio side" of the Inn villas. All villa suites have a patio. If you're staying in a villa room rather than a suite you just walk out your door and find a good vantage point.

A small flock of Black-throated Sparrows are common visitors.

Hummingbirds feed from the flowering plants. The Inn is creating a watering/feeding station for birds on the property so everyone can get even better views.

A Greater Roadrunner dropped by for a visit and enjoyed the view.

Basking in the sun.

Close encounter with a Common Raven!

Keep your eyes open for our favorite, the Vermillion Flycatcher!

Little coveys of Gambel's Quail walk their fast little walk through the plantings.

Lesser Goldfinches flit about.

The flycatchers and kingbirds will be a treat for you to work on!

Summertime brings Hooded Orioles, and so much more!

A Black-throated Sparrow perching on a lovely cactus.


And don't miss the butterflies!

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